April 23, 2018



For many of us younger folk, Freedom Day is a much loved holiday.  Ashamedly, not due to its national importance but more because of how close it lies to May Day, meaning a very nice long weekend.

But the remarkable thing about our “Independence Day” is hearing the stories of those who walked many kilometres or stood in lines for hours just to be able to cast their first vote in a free and democratic South Africa.

Why not try something new on this significant day in our history by doing a short interview with a parent, grandparent or elder; finding out what Freedom Day means to them?

To make life easier, we’ve listed three simple questions to start off your conversation. We’ve also added a few questions that you can ask a younger person in your life.

Questions for the senior generation

  1. What was growing up under an oppressive, “un-free” South Africa like for you?
  2. Where were you on 27 April 1994? What did it feel like to vote for the first time in a democratic country?
  3. What does freedom mean to you right now?

Questions for the younger generation

  1. What does freedom mean to you as a young person in South Africa today?
  2. What does the ability to vote mean to you? Do you consider it a right or a privilege?
  3. Which types of oppression do you feel you are still fighting in this country today?


Try this Freedom Day exercise with someone you know and share your story with us! You can even send an audio or video clip of your interview to our WhatsApp line and your story could be featured on our site.


Let’s share our stories this Freedom Month.


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