December 11, 2019



Heartlines would like to thank all the people who’ve walked with us this year and particularly at a time of uncertainty for many.

One of our key programmes for 2019 was What’s Your Story?, which is about getting to know each other better. The thing that defines us as people is our ability to reach out and build relationship, with people that we know, and people that we don’t know.

My prayer and hope for the New Year is that instead of retreating into our boxes – be those race, culture, ethnicity or family – we should rather make an extra effort to reach out to the people around us and build bridges.

We are very grateful for the financial and other support that we’ve received in 2019. Next year we are looking to dramatically expand what we do.

We looking forward to launching the new What’s Your Story? website which will allow people digital access to resources and training, as well as our new What’s Your Story? for schools website.

In 2020 we will also start increasing the visibility of our work on Fatherhood and actively promoting the presence of men in the lives of children.

We will continue to roll out the important work that we do in educating people about positive money values: honesty in earning, responsibility in spending, self-control in saving, wisdom in borrowing, and generosity in giving.

We look forward to a busy year ahead and pray that this Christmas is a time of blessing and that we practice the message of peace by reaching out to people around us.



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