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Values sustain any walk to freedom

National reading-for-enjoyment campaign Nal’ibali and non-governmental organisation Heartlines are encouraging parents and caregivers to continue this tradition by using stories to pass on some of the values of the late Nelson Mandela.

Where were you on 27 April 1994?

The remarkable thing about our “Independence Day” is hearing the stories of those who walked many kilometres or stood in lines for hours just to be able to cast their first vote in a free and democratic South Africa.

Make Back to School easy as ABC

If the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year; then January, if you don’t tackle it wisely, tends to be the opposite. The adjustment can be especially tough for parents of children who are new to pre-school or primary school. The stress of preparation while...

But how can I save?

This July savings month, Heartlines is encouraging everyone to think about their relationship with money. What does your say about you? If you would fall under the Big Spender category, here are some tips on how to save: Plan for the future: A good savings plan...

“Fleeking” on a budget

Lately, how an individual looks – be it hair, clothes, make-up, accessories, you name it – everything must be “on fleek” (a new age term used to define looking or feeling good) and when it comes to money, not a lot of people want to hear the word ‘save’. This Savings...

Starting A Business

Kgomoco Matjila is  a fashion designer who, together with her partner Jacqueline Da Silva, runs House of JM Designs, a fashion business. Starting a business is not as easy as many people assume: money is tight, the hours are long, the stress is immense and the journey...

Does Love Have a Price Tag on Valentines Day?

Like Christmas holidays, the 14th of February also brings with it a unnecessary pressure to splurge on that someone special to feed the idea that they are truly special. It used to be that love came with no price tag but apparently nothing says “I love you”, like a...


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