September 21, 2015



It’s time to take a stand and unite against corruption-Dr Garth Japhet.

It’s time to take a stand and unite against corruption-Dr Garth Japhet.

On the 30
th of September, my colleagues and I will be joining the March against corruption and, more importantly, we will march for the values of justice, integrity, accountability and unity.

Why march against corruption or care to march at all? Corruption – and the criminal activities it gives rise to – affects us all and has united so many people from diverse walks of life to stand up for what is right.

The fact that we are marching at all makes me both sad and excited. (This is a recurring theme in South Africa where we can be 100% positive about our future and 100% concerned at the same time!)


I am sad that after 20 years of democracy, the legacy, sacrifices and dreams of so many people of integrity are drowning in a cesspool of corruption.

Our incredible legacy of reconciliation and freedom is daily spat upon by people spurred on by selfish gain. Corrupt South Africans, whether in government, the private sector or even just individuals are destroying the future of this country and, especially, the future of the poor and marginalised.

But I am also excited because there is something magical that happens when South Africans of every religion, colour, culture, political affiliation and socio-economic level walk together, literally and figuratively, in pursuit of a greater cause. As we walk together, we soon find that there is more that unites us than divides us.

We will not surrender what is good about our country or the dreams we hold for it, without a fight, a fight that we must and will win.

The naysayers will comment, “It’s just another march”. But I believe this march could be a tipping point that will bring new momentum to existing initiatives. It will also unleash a host of new constructive initiatives that will ensure that our resounding shouts of “no more!” will bring an end to the corruption, theft and wastage we see daily.

As Heartlines, the centre for values promotion, we are proud to be part of this initiative.  We are committed to helping all South Africans live out the values that will make our nation great. Join us!

Click for details about the anti-corruption march.


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