February 14, 2016



Like Christmas holidays, the 14th of February also brings with it a unnecessary pressure to splurge on that someone special to feed the idea that they are truly special. It used to be that love came with no price tag but apparently nothing says “I love you”, like a pair of 9ct gold earrings with a matching necklace and clutch bag.

Sadly in these trying economic times, you realise that the sprit is willing but the pocket is weak. Your mind wants fine Italian pasta however what your pocket can afford is two minute noodles with ketchup. Your quandary is how do you show that special someone that they are special, and still be able to have enough for the essentials after the day.

Here are 3 simple things, that can make a lasting impression and still leave money in your pocket

  1. Pick some flowers….
    Yes that bouquet you spend money on is really great however, if you cannot buy them, nature has provided many that grow naturally, just be sure you are allowed to, you don’t want to spend Valentines day in legal trouble.
  1. Make something
    Forget about going to big brand stores and purchasing expensive gifts, take a moment to create something. It could be a cd compilation of your favourite music, or a card. The more time and thought you put into what you will create, the more unique your gift will be.
  1. Create a memory
    In the time of selfie’s and selfe sticks it is easy for the true value of a picture, snapped at the right moment, to get lost. Instead of overspending on going to a restaurant, take a walk together, laugh with each other then when the moment is right pull out your phone and snap the moment. It’s true a picture is worth a thousand words, but the memories a pic carries are priceless

Overall don’t allow the rampant consumerism to push out the real meaning of the day, and that is “The best things in life are free”.


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