July 13, 2017



Lately, how an individual looks – be it hair, clothes, make-up, accessories, you name it – everything must be “on fleek” (a new age term used to define looking or feeling good) and when it comes to money, not a lot of people want to hear the word ‘save’.

This Savings Month, how about you ‘fleek’ on a budget and with the right kind of values in mind?

Heartlines- The Centre for Values Promotion, has been running the Values and Money campaign and has reached about 56 000 people in the past year, having done almost 300 events in various communities. The Values and Money campaign has been described by participants as “very relevant and addresses everyday issues that affect everyone; and uses everyday examples that all can relate to”.

Heartlines also published stories on Savings Month where people shared tips on how they save or what they have implemented in their homes or other aspects of their lives that involve money http://bit.ly/2u7cnRS. If you thought that was the end, then you have another think coming. There are resources to help individuals practise these positive money values. These can be used by teachers, parents, civil servants, churches, youth groups, and business people and can be ordered from us.

by Dimakatso Songoane


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