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The Heartlines series, 8 Films, 8 Values, 1 National Conversation, was produced by Curious Pictures (now called Quizzical Pictures). You can download film clips and production information for each film, see the links at the bottom of each film synopsis.

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The Miners

A film about acceptance

The story of a town that is forced to confront deep prejudices and learn that “when you’re underground in the dark, you can’t see the colour of another man’s skin”.

The Good Provider

A film about responsibility

A story of love, fatherly responsibility and learning that the value of a parent is not measured by the weight of his pocket but of his heart.


A film about forgiveness

A story about grief, loss and guilt; about a father’s despair, the uncontrollable cycle of revenge and the painful journey towards healing and forgiveness.

The Good Fight

A film about perseverance

In the face of what seems to be insurmountable difficulties, a young woman finds the strength to rise again and have faith even in dire circumstances.

The Bet

A film about self-control

A story of teenagers in love finding out that if it’s worth having, it’s worth waiting for.

The Piano

A film about honesty

Errol Tyres learns that even small acts can have big consequences and that a value such as honesty is an absolute that suffers no exceptions.

The Other Woman

A film about compassion

The story of one woman who must meet the challenge of true compassion: getting involved in order to help a woman who needs it the most, but seems to deserve it the least.

Heartlines – the feature film

A film about grace

A story of a young man faced with difficult decisions, and the power of unconditional love. Visit the Official HEARTLINES movie website



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