June 22, 2016



With just a few days left of Youth Month, we continue to honour and celebrate being young and South African. A lot of focus has been placed on pointing out what young people are doing wrong or what they aren’t doing and not as much on the good that they are doing in their various communities. But that’s not the complete picture…

This Youth Month our challenge to the youth of South Africa, 40 years after the Soweto uprisings, was: Will you turn up or own up? #TurnUpOwnUp. Following from that, we want to celebrate those who have “owned up” to building better communities and being part of the change they would like to see in their own country.

Today we celebrate Dineo Sitole. She is a community and political activist – a young woman who decided she was going to be part of the solution.

Dineo started a food garden with the hope of helping feed families that could not afford food. They have food gardens in schools, clinics and recreational centres. She, together with the community and the police encouraged the opening of a centre for abused women in Orange Farm. This is a place for them to get support through their ordeals and get professional help as well. The latest initiative this passionate young woman has undertaken is helping young people in her community get access to information about higher learning institutions.

Watch Dineo’s inspiring story below.

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