November 14, 2018



Despite his growing fame as an actor, Lemogang remains humble with an unwavering optimism for the future.

Beyond the River was the first time in his career that he played a lead role, and his spectacular performance recently landed him a BRICS Film Festival Award in the category of Best Actor.

“I was extremely surprised and very excited about receiving the award, as an actor it’s always great to receive some form of affirmation for the work that you’ve done,” he says.

Beyond the River actor Lemogang Tsipe wins BRICS Film Festival Award

Lemogang Tsipa with the Heartlines team after winning the BRICS Film Festival Award for Best Actor

He’s been relatively busy over the past three years having shot a local film in 2016 called Back to the Moon which is set in the apartheid era and tells the story of the vibrant township of Sophiatown.

In 2017 he shot an international film called Dark Tower starring award winning American actor, Matthew McConaughey, as well as a British-American miniseries called Troy: Fall of the City which is currently showing on Netflix.

“Beyond the River opened many opportunities for me. It put me in good standing with producers and directors that I had never met before and now my career is growing,” he says.

He’s come a long way since making his acting debut in 2012 on SABC 1 show, Forced Love, and he wants to take on more challenging roles in the future.

“I often play the role of a good guy but now I want to play a dark character to broaden my acting skills,” he says.

Lemogang says he’s just completed shooting another movie and has a few more exciting projects in the pipeline.

He wants to encourage young South Africans to turn their passion into a career and follow their dreams.

“Whatever dream you have, put in the hours and work at it, and always be ready when opportunities come.”

Wise words from a young man who is proving that having big dreams will help you achieve the incredible, and open your world to a life of new possibilities.




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