April 26, 2019



Exactly two years after its cinema release in South Africa, Beyond the River was selected by the South African High Commissioner to London, Ms Thembi Tambo, as the film to promote in the UK to celebrate Freedom Day 2019, 25 years of democracy in South Africa.  

After a full-house screening at the Vue Cinema, guests were treated to a cocktail party at South Africa House.

The real-life duo on whose story the film is based, Piers Cruickshanks and Siseko Ntondini, the actors who played them in the film, Grant Swanby and Lemogang Tsipa, as well as writers, director and producer Craig Freimond and Robbie Thorpe, all attended the Premiere and interacted with the media and audience there.

Our CFO, Derek Muller, spoke on our campaign, What’s Your Story?, which, as is depicted in the film, encourages people to share their personal stories in order to promote greater understanding, cohesion, trust and reconciliation.


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