What we do

Heartlines inspires people to live out positive values, through stories and media.

We promote positive values

Heartlines is a social change organisation that encourages people to live out positive values. Our goal is to get you thinking about your values – and empower you to live them out. Our projects and multimedia initiatives have reached over 22 million people across South Africa, and beyond our borders.

We produce values-based films

Story is at the heart of what we do. Heartlines has produced 8 feature films, 3 cinema releases, one six-part TV series and scores of short video features. A number of our values-based films have won awards.

We develop values-based resources

We’ve developed interactive, multimedia resources supported by our films to start conversations on values in a variety of settings. These resources can be used in families, workplaces, churches, schools, campuses, faith-based groups, prisons and municipalities.


We facilitate workshops & talks on positive values

We facilitate interactive trainings, workshops and motivational talks on a variety of values themes. Our highly skilled, dynamic facilitators are content specialists in various contexts, such as workplaces, churches or faith-based groups, schools or campus, correctional services and other teams or groups.


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