Our Partners


Since its inception, The Mass Media Project has received funding from a wide variety of sources, both domestic and international. We are most grateful to all of them. They have contributed in a variety of ways, enabling us to carry out our work successfully and effectively.

We strive to be good partners to our funders – delivering on what we have committed, adding value to our funders, and reporting back to them in a professional manner. We appreciate that funders are increasingly willing to entrust funding to us for long-term
programmes extending beyond one year. This enables us to plan effectively and to schedule resources in a timeous fashion.

Our major funders have included:

  • Lombard Insurance (Pty) Ltd
  • First National Bank – 8 Weeks, 8 Values, 1 National Conversation
  • John Templeton Foundation – My Money, My Values
  • The National Lottery Commission – What’s your Story?
  • Nedbank Foundation – Values & Money
  • Nedbank Limited – Values & Money
  • The Raith Foundation – Bridge Leadership

Our film, Nothing for Mahala, was successfully funded through the support of the following partners:

  • The Department of Trade and Industry
  • The National Film and Video Foundation
  • The Industrial Development Corporation
  • We thank our co- producers, Quizzical Pictures, for the cost and financial accounting
    services which they provided.

Our latest film, Beyond the River, has been produced through the support of the following partners:

The principal sponsor of the film is the National Lotteries Commission, with additional sponsors Discovery, Vodacom and ADreach. Funding has also been received from the National Film and Video Foundation, the KZN Film Commission and the DTI Film Rebate programme.

We thank all our funding partners for their financial support and for their genuine interest in the work that we do.

Key supporters and partners

Transforming a society requires key partnerships. Over the years, Heartlines has built up an extensive network of key supporters and partnerships, they include:
  • Leaders of all major religions
  • The Department of Education
  • The Department of Arts and Culture
  • NGOs nationally
  • SABC radio and TV
  • Media24
  • ETV
  • DSTV

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Community champions

Wherever we’ve rolled out our projects throughout South Africa – and beyond our borders – we continue to be inspired and humbled by community champions. These inspiring people either pave the way to welcome and connect us to their communities, or go beyond the call of duty to help us set up our projects. Every month we’ll feature a new champion.

Featured Community Champion

Featured champions: Paarl Values & Money

Heartlines recently visited Paarl with our Values & Money campaign. We were warmly welcomed and hosted by a number of people, especially:

Jenene and Warren Peterson who accompanied us to various events, assisted with setting up youth events, business men’s breakfast and church events;

Ulrich Lottering who assisted us at some of the youth events, and will be using Heartlines materials in his ministry with DCS in the surrounding areas; and,

Alvira Kleinhans who allowed us to do a movie viewing and used her contacts to get us into one of the local schools, despite not knowing much about Heartlines.

Thank you to these community champions!


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