January 3, 2012


Offenders in various Correctional Services facilities have continued to attend Heartlines’ courses on how to live good values.One such course is run by David Heritage of Bryanston Methodist Church’s Second Chance Ministry at Leeuwkop Prison in Johannesburg.

In 2011, the programme was extended from just the Juvenile section to all four of the centres in the Leeuwkop Correctional management area: Medium A, B (the juveniles), C and in Maximum. “I was accepted with open arms in all the centres – by wardens and offenders”, says David. “I was asked to come back into all 4 centres and to also train the spiritual workers (wardens) in these centres as well as how to run such a program. We are all excited about the growth and progress in Leeuwkop.”

In total, 89 offenders attended the 8-week course, and received certificates. David concludes: “My hope and prayer is that we have touched a few offenders’ lives and that they are able to see where they have gone wrong in life; and now know where to make the necessary changes with regards to developing Godly values.”

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