1 wsiteLemogang Tsipa is Duma
He’s known for his role in the drama series When We Were Black, and as a detective in the  drama Traffic! This time round  Lemogang plays the leading role of Duma, a young man on  the wrong side of the law.

Life is a struggle for Duma and every now and then he earns some moolah stealing cables,  egged on by his best friend Zama. A complex young man caught between a life of crime and  poverty – and canoeing, the one unlikely passion that could turn his life around.





2Grant Swanby is Steve
With over 20 years in the industry, Grant Swanby is no stranger to our screens. His  filmography includes Blood Diamond, Invictus and Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom, and  his TV work includes Those Who Can’t, Isidingo and the Heartlines film, The Miners. With  his range of acting skills, he can go from being a comic in one role to a South African James  Bond in the next.

In Beyond The River he plays Steve, an English teacher with a passion for poetry and  canoeing. His passion for canoeing is also his escape from facing crippling issues in his  marriage and family life.  Regarded as a has-been by his previous canoeing partner, Steve is  on a mission to win another gold in the  arduous Dusi marathon – and needs the  inexperienced Duma to achieve this. But can he lay aside his hot-  headed nature and  confront the demons of his past to do so?




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