Heartlines and the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) have worked together since 2007. The DCS has recognised the importance of the role of Heartlines in rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders within the community.

The Mission of Heartlines Programme with DCS
To ensure that offenders are developed and equipped through our Programmes to reduce likelihood of reoffending and empower them to become better members of society who can positively impact others.
Our approach to address offenders behaviour change is taken from a values perspective.

The Goal of Heartlines Programme with DCS

  • To train DCS Spiritual Workers, Spiritual Care and Moral Development Coordinators (SMDC’s) and volunteers in all correctional centres to deliver Heartlines programmes.
  • To provide input to DCS in developing the monitoring and evaluation tools to be used in the various programmes.
  • To restore and revitalise the inmates values and morals, so they can adjust to life after imprisonment.

Programmes Offered

  • 8 Weeks, 8 Values- 1 National Conversation
  • Values & Money (spearheaded by the film “Nothing For Mahala)
  • Youth Mentoring
  • 6 Weeks of Values in Action (spearheaded by the mini -series “Hopeville)

Offenders receive a certificate once they have completed the Heartlines courses

DCS Heartlines Certificate signed by offenders

DCS Heartlines Certificate signed by offenders

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