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At Heartlines, we believe conversations are a key step to transforming lives. Our films are the first step to starting a conversation in an informal way, then our resources allow us to take the conversation to a deeper level in a small-group context.


Values & Money Course for the Workplace

Values & Money Course for the Workplace

Are you concerned about money issues in your company? Are debt and money troubles impacting your productivity or that of your employees? Do you want to transform the money values in your organisation?

The HEARTLINES Values & Money Course for Workplaces is just for you!

This course addresses the underlying values driving our behaviours and attitudes when it comes to money and offers practical advice for living in financial freedom.

Money values of the course include:

  • My values & money
  • Honesty in earning
  • Responsibility in spending
  • Wisdom in borrowing
  • Self-control in saving
  • Generosity in giving.

Based on a highly-researched and tested resource, this course challenges us to answer the question: What mark will I make with my money? It features clips from the film, Nothing for Mahala. It also includes practical advice on where to go for help in correcting destructive money behaviours.

The course can be tailor-made to suit the needs of your organisation or team and can be run over a half-day, a full day or a longer period of time.

Download the pdf for more information on the Values & Money Course for Workplaces.

Or contact us at or on 011 771 2540.


We host a number of events and training for schools, based on our resource, HEARTLINES Values & Money Challenge for Youth. Training and events include:

> School assemblies with a message challenging young people on values and money

> Life Orientation classes engaging young people in a conversation about money and values

> Training Life Orientation teachers and youth workers on how to use the HEARTLINES Values & Money Challenge for Youth.

To find out how your school can be involved, email

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