July 3, 2009


february15NewsItem1A three-day retreat for Joburg South leaders brought them together to plan for values-based change in their community.

As part of its commitment to bringing about values-based communities, Heartlines hosted a 3-day retreat for leaders from the South of Jo’burg aptly called “Foundations for Change.” The retreat, which was held in an exquisite rural setting near Hoedspruit Mpumalanga, enabled leaders from the South to gain some perspective on their community and its challenges, and get in touch with the kind of community they’d like to build. It also really helped leaders to connect with each other beyond the definition of their respective professions, and to make a commitment to work together.

The leaders involved represented different sectors of the community, including law enforcement, local government, church leaders, educators and leaders of community-based organisations. They were encouraged to examine their own values and how these are currently being lived out in service to their communities. Then they were tasked with deciding on one major issue in the community and setting some priorities for making a positive difference to that issue.

The leaders from the South, which currently has the third worst crime rate in Gauteng, decided that together they’d like to tackle the issue of building a safe community. Their priorities involve making law enforcement more effective, running community-building events to enable community members to improve relations with each other and with various institutions, and youth development. Together, this group is confident they can turn things around in their community. We are too!

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