September 3, 2013


STORIES THAT TALK 2Seven of the nine HEARTLINES Stories that Talk 2 stories are currently being featured in Ntumjambili on SABC1.

Ntumjambili is a children’s programme currently in its second series on SABC1. It airs on a Thursday morning from 7am to 7.30am. The programme’s aim is to instil a love of reading in children. Produced by production house, Urban Brew, the programme takes illustrated story books, and partially animates the pictures, whilst a narrator tells the story. Episodes have been created in English and Zulu. For series 2, seven out of the nine stories in Stories that Talk 2 were chosen. These are:

  • The Witch who lives on the Hill
  • The Market Superman
  • Zama and the Clean Enough Stuff
  • Our Street
  • Strangers in a faraway land
  • Lifa’s lost and found
  • I am the man

Stories that Talk 2 can ordered directly from our call centre, click here.

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