March 3, 2009


mar16NewsImage1Taking up the Heartlines call to take action and do good for change comedians Desmond Dube, David Kau, Chris Forest, Kagiso Lediga, Lebo Mathiba and Kedibone Mulaudzi made the world a teeny bit kinder and funnier to say the least.

As Dube, donning a smart waiter’s outfit, set a table with silverware and candles, construction workers could not help but giggle. Finding out one of them was dining in style was just too much to handle giggles turned to laughter.

David Kau took to a petrol station where he completely ignored a request for only a R100 top up. An astounded motorist found herself driving away with a full tank at Kau’s expense.

“A random act of kindness does not cost anything,” said Dube. “And it does not have to be boring and tedious.” Chris Forest managed to bring a shop in Melville to a stand still as all around customers and employees could not stop giggling when he insisted on giving an overwhelmed teller a neck massage.

These funny, but random acts of kindness are all part of the Heartlines Six Weeks in Values Campaign aimed at inspiring South Africans to take action for good.

“It is about living your life differently – about reaching out to the people we know and the one’s we don’t, to bring about a positive change that truly makes our society one to be proud of,” says Dr Garth Japhet, Heartlines Director.

“Over the next few weeks we are calling on South Africans to join the comedians in taking action for good and to do a random act of kindness – no matter how big or how small.” Many South Africans have already taken up the call such as Vincent Tshisevhe, who bought a hundred school children each an ice cream.

“To build the South Africa we all want, we must rebuild our healthy relationships. The building blocks are good values lived out every day. Being kind to someone is about living out good values,” said Dr Japhet.

The funny random acts of kindness can be viewed on YouTube at

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