September 3, 2013


mar14event1Clean-up of the Vusi Masina stadium in Emgwenya, Waterval Boven

HEARTLINES brought lights, camera and action to Waterval Boven when it filmed HOPEVILLE in the picturesque town in Mpumalanga.

Now HEARTLINES is bringing another type of action to the town – soccer!

In partnership with Dreamfields (an NGO that supports soccer development), the Waterval Boven and Machadodorp Community Development Forums and various corporates in the area – Assmang Chrome, Nkomati Mine and TRAC, as well as the Emakhazeni Local Council, HEARTLINES will be restoring the Vusi Masina stadium in Emgwenya, Waterval Boven.

The foundation of the clean up, the principle underpinning it, is that there is nothing we value more than the things we have worked hard to earn. And so all the soccer playing clubs and schools in the area will be participating in a massive cleanup of the stadium on 14th March, where team players and school children will scrub and paint the walls, scrape the roof of rust, cut the grass and clear the rubbish. While all the tools, equipment and expertise will be provided the sweat and hard work will be provided by the community itself.

The restoration of the Emgwenya soccer stadium is being undertaken in support of the ‘six weeks of values in action – do good for change’ period during which time HEARTLINES is inspiring all people to take action and live their good values.

The soccer team players and school children in the area doing just this…showing Hope and Courage and Perseverance, as well as Responsibility and Service as they work together with big business and the Council to restore the stadium in Emgwenya.

To celebrate getting the stadium into playable shape, a HEARTLINES DreamEvent soccer tournament, involving 18 teams, including six school teams will take place on 21st March.

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