In July 2006, the first phase of the campaign was launched. This included two main initiatives: a national broadcast of eight Heartlines films or dramas, with supporting print and below-the-line media components and the start of social mobilisation of faith-based organisations, during which FBOs were given relevant tools to teach values and were encouraged to undertake discussion-based activities.

The award-winning films produced by the then-named Curious Pictures (now Quizzical Pictures) were: The Miners (acceptance), The Good Provider (responsibility), Crossroads (forgiveness), The Bet (self-control), The Good Fight (perseverance), The Piano (honesty), The Other Woman (compassion) and HEARTLINES feature film (second chances). The films were complemented with discussion on radio stations, articles in the print media and Heartlines materials distributed to faith-based organisations. The films were rebroadcast on SABC 2 in October 2007 and were a prelude to the next exciting phase of this innovative project.

Over an eight-week period during 2006, each episode received multiple flightings on national television (preceded in every instance by a message from former president Nelson Mandela). For the first time in history, the SABC flighted the same programme in different time slots on all three channels in the same week. The initiative was underpinned by an extensive multi-media campaign which included:

At least 14 hours of television airtime on news, magazine and talk show programmes;

  • Radio coverage (on SABC and 15 FBO stations);
  • Print coverage (More than 500 articles in over 40 publications);
  • A storybook for parents to read to young children (45 000 copies distributed);
  • A music CD (produced by some of South Africa’s leading recording artists).
  • These initiatives were supported by FBOs across the country. Support was received from Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Jewish leadership.

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